Sunday, April 6, 2008


Hello fellow blogger peoples, and welcome to my little slice of heaven called Monstrous Sanctuary. Here, I post anything that's on my mind, since that I lack the power of a webcam, and thus can't do Vlogs yet. So who am I? Well, my first, real name is Garin, and I'm a video game enthusiast who loves comic books, manga, anime, drawing, watching dudes or girls draw, looking up anything related to video games, and lastly I like reading about game developement.

The goal of this blog is to update it with person opinions on the what was, and what is, on all things video games, and I'll also mention a few things as well, such as movies, comics, table top gaming, or whatnot. So if your into that kind of stuff, then please feel free to read my blog entries. This is also a personal website for me, so I could also post projects, or other things I could be working on, so take a peek.

One more thing, when it comes to reviews, I actually review it, instead of thrashing it. Now I know the kids today love online critics, such as The Spoony Experiment, Angry video game nerd, or That guy with the glasses (Heck, I love there work), but me personally I don't want to do that, and here's why.

#1: It doesn't matter what you create, or how you go around to doing it. Creating something, whether it's a video game, a comic book, or a fantasy novel, takes time and effort to make it plausable, and even the CRAPPIEST of projects had people taking the time out of there schedual to make something for your enjoyment. These people may also have families, or friends that there taking time away from, just for the sole purpose of making a level, chapter, whatever.
I personally don't want to bring down anybody that had faith in there projects, and tear it down just for fun, which is why I let Spoony do all of that...but me, I'd rather not go beserk on someones child of a project.

#2: I love my hobbies. I love to play video games, I love to read fantasy novels, and I love to talk about all things in the entertainment media. In truth, I'm actually very easy to please, and I like to analize projects for ideas to use in any of my projects. Consider this, when you play something, or read something, you could take an idea that's been done, and use it for your own project...though you may want to ask the author for that idea, it never hurts to ask.

#3: If anyone famous reads this, they could try to find me and kick my butt...hey, you never know.

So now you know the purpose of this blog, so if your onboard, then take a seat, grab a cup of coffee, and enjoy, as my pour my mind into this very blog.

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