Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My impression on Brutal Legend

Since that my computer is going through the ghoulies right now, let me just start give a small tid bit on Brutal Legend. Brutal Legend rocks, and should be in every gamers library. Of course so far, a few people don't like the game, which is okay. I'm just afriad that a lot of people are going to start to hate it for it's fusion between action and RTS. I just hope that it's just me being paranoid, and hope that there's people out there that like the game just as much as I do.

I'll review the game soon, but for now, I need to start using my internet sparingly, since that safe mode with networking option sucks.

Friday, February 6, 2009

My top 12 favorite artists (part 2)

Now comes the epic conclusion of my two parter list of awesome artists. Again, this list is in no particular order. Now, without further ado, let's get started.

#6: Matt Holmberg
I wouldn't be surprised if you didn't know this guys name. Well, he's a video game mangakan, who's famous for his work on the cult classic card game, Magi Nation. He was also one of the game designers for the gameboy color version of Magi nation, as well as artist for all of the expansion packs that Magi nation produced. Unfortunately, he's no longer involved with any of Interactive Imagination's work, so now he's an artist for Pop cap games.
His artwork is very pretty cool, and it was one of the reason why I stuck around, and played Magi nation, as well as collect the boosters and starter packs. So check his stuff out, it's nifty.

Matt Holmberg's website

#5: Ueda Hajime
This is another name not a whole lot of people know, so let me explain. Ever heard of FLCL? That anime show with the kid getting run over by an aliens vespa scooter? If that doesn't seem familiar to you, then stop reading this now, and go rent or buy the DVDs, because it's extremely awesome. Anyway, for those that do know what it is, there's was a manga adaptation for it, and that manga was done by Ueda.
Ueda's style is very cute, little weird, and very sketchy. After FLCL, he did his own manga story, titled Q-ko-chan. After that...I haven't really heard any new projects that he's involved with, which is sad cause I happen to like some of what he's done. While Q-Ko-Chan is a very obscure story, I would recommend you check it out.


#4: J. P. Targete
He's known for various illustrations (such as most of the covers for the Changeling the lost supplements), and character designs (He did work on Tabula Rasa) . This guys artwork is seriously awesome, because most of the pictures seem as if you were looking into a dream...a bleak, fantastic, over the top dream. He's also working on a graphic novel at the moment, or last time I heard.
I cannot recommend this dude enough, go look in his gallery and be amazed.

J. P. Targete's official website

#3: Yoshiyuki Sadamoto
This guy was the first reason why I decided to pick up the pencil up again, and start drawing. He's a well know character designer, and also the co founder of Gainax animation studio. At his time at Gainax, he did character designs for Wings of Honneamise, Nadia secret of blue water, Neon Genises Evangelion, and FLCL. His last job as a character designer was for the first two episodes of Diebuster (AKA Gunbuster 2).
For a while he spent time away from Gainax, and helped with the character designs for some of the .hack video games, as well as all of the covers for .hack, and hack G.U. Now he's with Hideaki Anno, serving as character designer for the new Evangelion films. He also did all of the Evangelion mangas.

His artwork is a little mix of realism, and typical design choices in anime, though sometimes he can mix it up, and bring some interesting choices of character design, such as clothing. There's an artbook that features most of his work on not only Evangelion, but other Gainax projects as well, among other things.

Der Mond book

#2: Ovisniger
He's a deviant art poster, who also happens to be a fan of Bleedman, a popular deviant artist. While Ovi will admit his style reflects that of Bleedman's, there's a little bit of uniqueness in there as well. I was one of his first watchers, and to this day I still look into his gallery. He quit DA for a while to focus more on his job and love life, but I look forward to anything else he posts.

#1: Vinson Ngo (AKA Bleedman)
If your a member of deviant art, then chances are you've heard of this guys brilliant work. He's a mangakan, though he mainly does fanart, and stories centered around characters from a Cartoon Network show. Right now he updates three of his popular webcomics on SNAFU, "Powerpuff girls", "Grim Tales from down below", and the only thing not based on a cartoon "Sugerbits". In fact, that's Bleedman's only drawback, is that he's really talented, though he spends most of his on fanart.
Bleedman's deviant art
Like OMG, an interview with Bleedman

Well that's it for my list, and I hope you enjoyed the list, as I enjoyed making it. Until next time, take care.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

My top 12 favorite artists (part 1)

I take an interest in two things, and that's artwork, and game development. When it comes to the indy developers, or good programmers, most cannot draw...at all. So that's why we have an artist, so that they do all the designing of monsters, characters, sets, ect...

I was drawing when I was 4 or 7, then I didn't do it as much...but then I got back into it at age 14, and once again I stopped doing it...but two years before 2009, I finally got back into it, and the reason for that is if I should even come across a good programmer in need of an artist, he would not only get an artist, but a good game designer as well. It's much easier for me to draw ideas, or write them down, than to code it in, so that's my only weakness, is a lack of programing skills.

This list is dedicated to all of the artists I found while surfing the internet, or word of mouth. These are the dudes that not only got me into drawing, but keep me there as well. Why top 12? Because I like to go TWO steps beyond, in your face Nostalgic critic...though I will have to make it a two parter, because it's a big list, and I would rather not rush it. This, in no real order, is my top 12 list for my favorite artists.

#12: Robert Dejesus
Catchy name eh? Well I found his Youtube channel, because one of my favorite artists (whom is also on this list) subscribes to his work, so I thought I give it a shot. What I didn't know is that Robert has been drawing anime for a very, VERY long time, and to this day is still doing it. You wouldn't know who he is, but let's say that if your a reader of PSX, the unofficial playstation magazine, he drew the mascot for that magazine. He also did artwork for an author, and he ever posts himself drawing on his Youtube page.

He's a very talented mangakan, so check his work out if you haven't yet.

How I draw Hatsune Miku
How I draw Nurse Lindsay (goes well with this song )
His official website

Notice in his drawing videos, he uses the super power every artist uses...the power to shift the sketching pad to feel more comfortable!!

#11: Andrew Dickman
Yeah he's got a funny name, but damn it he's freaking talented. He's got a deviant art page, (his avatar is a cartoon version of himself, nose bleeding to death) a website dedicated to all of his projects, and a youtube page where he does some sketch work. When it comes to illustration, he's what I consider a jack of all trades, because he draws in different styles, ranging from anime, to cartoony, or a mixture of both. Check his stuff out.

Starfield creations (his official website)
art video - itchy trigger
OMG, his cat is Jabba the hut

#10: Rob Schrab
A few of you may not know who he is, but let's say that he, along with his pal Dan Harmon, co wrote the movie Monster house. Though Rob is really know for his awesome comic series, Scud the Disposable Assassin. He also made the live action movie Robot Bastard, the six part series Twiggers Holiday, and Ringwald and Molly, which was the debut of Rob Schrab's unique style of puppetry, draw-less animation. Rob's style is cartoony, but there's also an edginess in his style that makes it so appealing.
If you have never read Scud, or seen any of his films, then go do so, he's a talent to be reckoned with.
Scud Vlog #7, Rob drawing up the final Scud
Explanation of Draw-less animation
Rob Schrab's official website

#9: Doug Tennapel:
Come on, you know this one guys. Who is Doug Tennapel? Well, his Neverhood series is in my blog, and before he did that, he's most know as the creator of Earthworm Jim. He also does a lot of graphic novels in his spare time, and currently, he's working on a new video game for Earthworm Jim, a new Earthworm Jim cartoon series, an Earthworm Jim movie, a new Neverhood movie, and a movie based on one of his graphic novels, Monster Zoo.
I love this guys work, because he's basically the John K of the video game world. All of the titles he's worked on have visuals and sound that made you feel like you were playing a cartoon. His graphic novels are pretty cool as well, because his style is gritty, cartoonish, and atmospheric. Get one of his graphic novels, you won't be dissapointed.

G4 talks with Doug Tennapel
Rob Schrab talks Scud with Doug Tennapel
Doug's super awesome movie series, Sockbaby...GO WATCH IT NOW
Doug's official website

#8: Andy Hopp:
Now before I continue, this guys artwork is not cute, or cartoony...well it is cartoony, but in a really, REALLY grotesque way. Andy Hopp is not a well know artist, but I should mention him on here, since that his work is sick, but in a weirdly awesome way. Andy Hopp has been drawing monsters ever since he was a kid, and before he knew it, he would have some of his creations featured in different D&D monster manuals, Call of Cthulhu RPG, among other things.
Now a days, he's focusing on his convention, Con on the cob, as well as spin off games in his series Low life, which is a really interesting series. Low life originally started life as a campaign setting for the Savage worlds RPG system, though he expresses to turn Low life into a franchise. Low life is a fantasy/ post apocalyptic world, in which our world as we know it, was destroyed by a weird event known as the great flush.
Basically what happened is that our world was destroyed by an alien invasion, earthquake, flood, tsunami, meteorites, any scenario of Armageddon imaginable...all at the same time. The result was Motha Oith, a land filled with humanoid piles of junk, goo monsters, humanoid snack cakes, humanoid cockroaches, stranded aliens, mutants, hybrids of animals, and humanoid worms.
Andy Hopp's style is very gritty, very slimy, and very, VERY weird. So if you can stomach that kind of stuff, go right ahead and check his stuff out...but don't say I didn't warn you.

Official hub for all things Andy Hopp

#7: David Peterson:
The creator of a great comic series, Mouse Guard, is a pretty talented artist. Almost all of his works are in color, and his use of color is spot on. In case you don't know what Mouse Guard is, it's a series of Comics that centers around a group of mice...not humanoid Mice, just Mice...who happen to talk. Anyway, the Mouse Guard was formed as a little branch in Lockhaven's army, and the Mouse guard was used in time of war.
A few years have passed since the time they were formed, and they spend most of there time acting as weathermen, trackers, guardians of the road...basically rangers. So far, The first in the series is Fall 1152, which is now in a collected omnibus. The second series, Winter 1152, is still going, so there's still time to get into the Mouse Guard story. Trust me when I saw that Mouse Guard is a really good series, and David Peterson is a really talented guy. Highly recommended.

David Peterson's site

Well that's all the room I have for tonight, so I'll finish it up tomorrow. See you then.

Name chance, and additional update.

Yo guys, how's it been? Well, I decided to rename my blog, as it will now focus on not only reviews of video games, but my personal opinions on the now, and then of various topics (though nothing to heavy, such as politics) . At one time, I use to own another blog that had opinions as well, though I'm not proud of what I posted on there, so I decided to go back and try it again.

So why Monstrous sanctuary? For one, I have a thing for monsters, though my tastes are more of the monsters in the D&D manual. I also imagine monsters in any form of media taking the slack for the hero. They put up a good fight just long enough for the heroes to beat them senseless, and loot there well being for gold, XP, or any other valuables. Though monsters are better than that, they have class, and they have a home as well. They have families, dangers to face, an underground empire to keep, as well as hopes and dreams...you know, like the heroes that slay them?

Well anyway, that's the backstory for my blog title, I thought you might want to know. For the purpose of this revamp, I decided to to give an additional post, plus I'll redo the very first blog page I did. So look for it on this page, or somewhere in 2008...whatever, just lurk some moar.