Thursday, February 5, 2009

Name chance, and additional update.

Yo guys, how's it been? Well, I decided to rename my blog, as it will now focus on not only reviews of video games, but my personal opinions on the now, and then of various topics (though nothing to heavy, such as politics) . At one time, I use to own another blog that had opinions as well, though I'm not proud of what I posted on there, so I decided to go back and try it again.

So why Monstrous sanctuary? For one, I have a thing for monsters, though my tastes are more of the monsters in the D&D manual. I also imagine monsters in any form of media taking the slack for the hero. They put up a good fight just long enough for the heroes to beat them senseless, and loot there well being for gold, XP, or any other valuables. Though monsters are better than that, they have class, and they have a home as well. They have families, dangers to face, an underground empire to keep, as well as hopes and know, like the heroes that slay them?

Well anyway, that's the backstory for my blog title, I thought you might want to know. For the purpose of this revamp, I decided to to give an additional post, plus I'll redo the very first blog page I did. So look for it on this page, or somewhere in 2008...whatever, just lurk some moar.

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