Friday, February 6, 2009

My top 12 favorite artists (part 2)

Now comes the epic conclusion of my two parter list of awesome artists. Again, this list is in no particular order. Now, without further ado, let's get started.

#6: Matt Holmberg
I wouldn't be surprised if you didn't know this guys name. Well, he's a video game mangakan, who's famous for his work on the cult classic card game, Magi Nation. He was also one of the game designers for the gameboy color version of Magi nation, as well as artist for all of the expansion packs that Magi nation produced. Unfortunately, he's no longer involved with any of Interactive Imagination's work, so now he's an artist for Pop cap games.
His artwork is very pretty cool, and it was one of the reason why I stuck around, and played Magi nation, as well as collect the boosters and starter packs. So check his stuff out, it's nifty.

Matt Holmberg's website

#5: Ueda Hajime
This is another name not a whole lot of people know, so let me explain. Ever heard of FLCL? That anime show with the kid getting run over by an aliens vespa scooter? If that doesn't seem familiar to you, then stop reading this now, and go rent or buy the DVDs, because it's extremely awesome. Anyway, for those that do know what it is, there's was a manga adaptation for it, and that manga was done by Ueda.
Ueda's style is very cute, little weird, and very sketchy. After FLCL, he did his own manga story, titled Q-ko-chan. After that...I haven't really heard any new projects that he's involved with, which is sad cause I happen to like some of what he's done. While Q-Ko-Chan is a very obscure story, I would recommend you check it out.


#4: J. P. Targete
He's known for various illustrations (such as most of the covers for the Changeling the lost supplements), and character designs (He did work on Tabula Rasa) . This guys artwork is seriously awesome, because most of the pictures seem as if you were looking into a dream...a bleak, fantastic, over the top dream. He's also working on a graphic novel at the moment, or last time I heard.
I cannot recommend this dude enough, go look in his gallery and be amazed.

J. P. Targete's official website

#3: Yoshiyuki Sadamoto
This guy was the first reason why I decided to pick up the pencil up again, and start drawing. He's a well know character designer, and also the co founder of Gainax animation studio. At his time at Gainax, he did character designs for Wings of Honneamise, Nadia secret of blue water, Neon Genises Evangelion, and FLCL. His last job as a character designer was for the first two episodes of Diebuster (AKA Gunbuster 2).
For a while he spent time away from Gainax, and helped with the character designs for some of the .hack video games, as well as all of the covers for .hack, and hack G.U. Now he's with Hideaki Anno, serving as character designer for the new Evangelion films. He also did all of the Evangelion mangas.

His artwork is a little mix of realism, and typical design choices in anime, though sometimes he can mix it up, and bring some interesting choices of character design, such as clothing. There's an artbook that features most of his work on not only Evangelion, but other Gainax projects as well, among other things.

Der Mond book

#2: Ovisniger
He's a deviant art poster, who also happens to be a fan of Bleedman, a popular deviant artist. While Ovi will admit his style reflects that of Bleedman's, there's a little bit of uniqueness in there as well. I was one of his first watchers, and to this day I still look into his gallery. He quit DA for a while to focus more on his job and love life, but I look forward to anything else he posts.

#1: Vinson Ngo (AKA Bleedman)
If your a member of deviant art, then chances are you've heard of this guys brilliant work. He's a mangakan, though he mainly does fanart, and stories centered around characters from a Cartoon Network show. Right now he updates three of his popular webcomics on SNAFU, "Powerpuff girls", "Grim Tales from down below", and the only thing not based on a cartoon "Sugerbits". In fact, that's Bleedman's only drawback, is that he's really talented, though he spends most of his on fanart.
Bleedman's deviant art
Like OMG, an interview with Bleedman

Well that's it for my list, and I hope you enjoyed the list, as I enjoyed making it. Until next time, take care.

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